Oats and Berries Smoothie

25 Jul

I am so into smoothies right now.  My three-year old says every morning, Maybe we can have a smoothie??  Ha I guess she is really into smoothies too.  The thing about smoothies is you can take them with you and they are really filling, plus they are filled with lots of good for you things.  You can throw in whatever you want and it still come out decent.

This morning I made an oats and berry smoothie.  This one is probably not the most popular because it has a kind of gritty texture because of the oats, but the oats fill you up too.


  • about a cup of crushed ice-my fridge has this option, if yours doesn’t whole is fine, but I would put on bottom of blender
  • one whole frozen banana (when i first started getting into smoothies, i didn’t know that you should cut up the banana and THEN put it in the freezer.  make sure you do that.)
  • a handful of berries-i used strawberries for this one
  • about a half cup of Greek plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup or less of non cooked oats-i just use the ones in the canister
  • cup of liquid-coconut water, plain water, milk-anything that you have that sounds good
  • honey to taste-i usually don’t use, but with the oats you need a little extra sweetness


  1. I add the frozen banana first, then berries, yogurt, oats, honey, liquid, and crushed ice.
  2. I use the puree button on my blender.  I don’t have one of those fancy schmancy smoothie  blenders.  Just a Black and Decker and it works just fine.  You may have to open lid and move around the mixture a time or two to get it going.  This makes a lot for me.  I fill up a tall plastic straw cup (see picture).  It goes all the way to the top and is really filling.  I carry it around with me while I am doing morning cleaning things.

I would rinse out blender right away because the oats tend to stick to the side after drying and require some scrubbing to get off.  Learned that the hard way because I was so eager to try my smoothie.  If you don’t have something in the ingredients (and this goes for almost all smoothies), just substitute anything you do have.  Like I said, it is really hard to mess up a smoothie.  If you do, please let me know so we know not to do that.  haha

Source:  Adapted from- http://www.marthastewart.com/851771/oatmeal-smoothies


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