The blogger from the black lagoon.

9 Feb

Well hello there. Yes it has been awhile! Like almost a year. Why you ask? I’m a lazy bum that’s why.


No seriously. I’ve been super busy. With a young kid that is super crazy and a little one that needs her eyes on me at all times it is hard to even go pee by yourself! But I’m going to try and be better and make the time cause I really miss it.

Update: cooking is a lot easier!! I guess it’s true what they say. The more you practice, the better you will be.

I hate it when they’re right.

I actually like it now (okay maybe like is a strong word, maybe “I don’t throw a temper tantrum when it’s time to start cooking” is a better phrase) which is crazy to me. I fought it tooth and nail and really wanted to just feed my family cereal and frozen pizzas every night, but *sigh* I felt I should do better. Baking is my favorite, but thou shall not live on cookies alone. Enter the crockpot and casseroles.

I will be posting some more recipes soon! So stick around.


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